5 Ultimate Jewellery Designs to Flaunt this Summer

5 Ultimate Jewellery Designs to Flaunt this Summer

Date: 2021-03-26

Summer is officially here, and that means it is time to go au naturel. A season associated with sunshine and everything bright calls for outfits equally depicting so. The bright days are here, and the warm clothes are packed away for good. It is time to revamp your wardrobe and add in some easy-breezy simple outfits.

Banging outfits for play-in-the-sun is a go-to, but what about accessorizing? Gone are the days of imitation jewellery. The excessive layering and heavy ornaments are a thing of the past. The chic in you demands subtle, elegant, and comfy jewellery pieces that are easy to handle and amazing to flaunt. 

So, what is trending this month and how to avoid the fashion faux pas. We have listed down our take on how to turn temperatures high in these hot girl summer trends. 


1)The Lesser, The Better:


The scalding heat and multiple layering are the worst combinations. Summer is for adorning minimal clothing and equally minimum jewellery. For turning chic this summer opt for a piece of jewellery that is simple and less blingy. If you are into gold and diamonds, solitaire-studded ornaments can work magic for you.

Adorning heavy bangles can become irritating. So a dainty diamond bracelet can be your life-saver. Pick any such bracelets, and they can complement all your outfits.

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Whether fashioning with a long kurta or combining it with hot pants and a t-shirt, it looks cool on everything. 

Following the 'lesser the better' equation, adorn yourselves in simple pieces of ornaments like earrings, nose pins, gemstone ornaments, and solitaire rings.


2)Get quirky:


Fashion statements are made when you think out of the box. You have the entire season to play and get quirky with outfits and accessories. Convectional gold jewellery has an old and rustic feel to them. They look trendy in traditional attire, but what about summer outfits. If you are a huge fan of boho jewellery pieces, animal design ornaments will delight you. 

They are easy to carry and look trendy enough to make a statement. 

Rock an animal printed shirt with the trendy butterfly earrings. If that does not make people's eyes turn, I don't know what will.


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3) Go floral: 


It is Summer, and nature around us is proof of how beautiful blooming flowers can be. When in doubt, grab a striking floral minidress and accessorize with elegant floral pendants and earrings. 

You can play with colors as well. Gemstone jewellery works wonders when fashioned with pastels.

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Another blazing idea could be opting for rose-gold accessories. And you have got a plethora of designs in the rose-gold jewellery arena. The material gained momentum in 2015, and since then, it has not gone back. 

Florals can also be adorned as elegant and precious rings. They are super easy to handle and creates less hassle in matching with outfits.  

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4) Lightweight jewels:


Extremely heavy jewellery for the summer is a big NO. What you want is delicate and easy to carry. Excessive gold can also be a bit tacky and spoil your awaited hot-day outfit. Minimalistic jewels are in fashion and plan to remain so. Because of their versatility, they can go on all outfits, making them rock hard. They are easy to accessorize and require no fashion knowledge to adorn them properly. 


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This summer, invest in such jewelry pieces that assure delicate crafting, light in weight, and feature simple detailing.


5) Overlay play:

Becoming a trend-setter with layering ornaments and simultaneously beating the heat. Sounds amazing, right? It is simple; when opting for layered jewellery make sure they are super light. Another thing is, make sure every piece works separately as a single one. 

Pick up a studded earring and pair it up with a dangler. Or even adorn a bracelet and hoop a longer chain around your wrist. 


Beautiful Necklace to pair with the above studs



Invest in such jewellery pieces that turn bracelets into pendants and vice versa. And, least to say, it is easy on the pockets as well.

Your summer ensemble should not limit to these fashion trends. Shift out of your comfort zone; you never know what fabulous fashionista may arise. Explore an enigma of beautiful design that works best for the professional and informal scenario.



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