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Best Earrings under 10,000 to Adorn Your Look

Date: 2021-10-01

Diamond earrings are versatile pieces of diamond jewellery to style and create a fashion statement. A quintessential diamond earring piece is the most desirable jewellery ornament a lady needs in her diamond jewellery collection.

Diamond earrings exude sophistication and elegance. Their individuality is a penchant for giving any sort of outfit- an uplifting look. Diamond jewellery excites every individual who wishes to conquer every jewellery style available.

How many times have you craved a pair of earrings that is trendy and dynamic? A beautiful piece of jewellery that suits the changing fashion times and is also not heavy on the pockets?

Our Zivar- Online diamond jewellery store brings you a range of stylish earrings collections under 10,000 Rs. Choose from a collection of classic diamond studs, classy pearl earrings, and mesmerizing rose gold earrings and find your perfect style to flaunt and cherish.


Exclusive Earrings under 10,000

Let's have a look at our exclusive pearl, rose gold, and diamond earrings collection.


  1. Ziya Diamond Earrings

Ziya Diamond Earrings under 10,000

The classic appeal and versatile nature of diamond studs make them a cornerstone of every woman's diamond jewellery collection.

Elegant and dainty is the perfect description for our beautiful Ziya Diamond Earrings. A striking pair of earrings that styles perfectly with all the fashionable outfits. The brilliant shine of diamonds looks amazing with a casual outfit for a stroll in the park and also makes a remarkable addition to a date night outfit.

 Whatever your style may be, laid-back or a fashionista, the Ziya Diamond Earrings are the ultimate diamond jewellery piece for you.


     2. Rochel Diamond Earrings:

Rochel Diamond Earrings under 10,000 Rs

Another sparkling diamond beauty that will definitely take your breath away. Crafted in 14kt rose-gold metal and studded with 16 diamonds, this pair of diamond earrings is a catch.

The diamond earrings will turn heads even across the room. The earrings cradle a solitaire diamond at the top and then delicately attach it with the other 7 diamonds. The earrings are a stunning take on studs detailed with a hanging silhouette.


    3. Elicia Pearl Earrings:

Elicia Pearl Earrings under 10,000 Rs

Pearls have received love and admiration from women-kind since the beginning of time. Their pristine beauty excuses a timeless elegance. For all the pearl lovers, we present our mesmerizing Elicia Pearl Earrings. Crafted in 18kt rose gold and studded with distinct yellow pearls, this stunner compliments every style.

The earring's versatile style goes well with a splendid evening gown, and even with regular office wear. Our pearl earrings radiate an effortless charm in your everyday fashion style.

Other than exuberating an elegant beauty, these pearls are easy on the pockets granting you an everlasting shine.


     4. Celia Gold Earrings:

Celia Gold Earrings under 10,000

There are several ways to adorn gold, but the most beloved style is in form of rose gold studs. Our Celia Gold Earrings are a perfect piece of jewellery that you must include in your jewellery box.

The quirky rose gold earrings are incredibly crafted to give a two-layered look. The stunning rose gold metal gives the earrings an immediate uplifting feel that bodes well with any and every outfit. The elegant pair of earrings ensure long-term durability while remaining delicate enough to be worn comfortably.

At Zivar, we believe that jewellery should be affordable enough to try new experiments and not just bought to be kept in lockers. We have intricately designed an earring collection that comprises rose gold metal studded with a wide range of gemstones and diamonds.

Our under 10,000 earring collection is not only light on the pocket deal but also comes with several Zivar benefits.

  • We provide Cash on Delivery on diamond jewellery above 50,000 Rs.
  • We provide an online jewellery shopping experience with certifications from GIA, IGI, and BIS Hallmark Gold. 

Special occasions or an everyday work hassle, you will surely find a timeless pair of earrings at Zivar. Explore our trendy and popular earring designs, available in a whole range of precious metals. Treasure them for years to come with our diamond care guide and keep your favorite pair of earrings shining forever.



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