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5 Diamond Jewellery Trends You Must Follow This Diwali

Date: 2021-10-20

Diwali is considered the diamond of festivals – the season of dazzle, hope, and new fortune. It is not surprising that diamonds and Diwali go hand in hand. Both of them, through culture and traditions, are the symbols of love, purity, light, and prosperity. The glitter of which illuminates our lives and festivities on the darkest night of Amawasya.

Through tale-tell stories of tradition, Diwali is also the season of glamour and fashion. The festival of lights is the perfect time to deck up and get ready with perfect traditional attires and glittering diamond jewellery.

As the lanterns light up the night sky, let's have a look at shimmering diamond jewellery trends that will help you glow like a Diya.


1. Minimalism is the New Trend

One of the fashion styles that has been revamped in the last decade is the sense of minimalism. The clean and classy look of the perfect minimal diamond jewellery gives out subtle dazzle to the simplest outfits.

Diwali season you need something that is versatile and can be paired with your varied outfits. The delicate and classy diamond jewellery is the perfect accessory you need to dazzle without going overboard.

For a traditional night out, you can pair your graceful and decked-up lehenga with an ardent pair of diamond hoop earrings or a simple pair of diamond studs. You can finish up your look with striking yet elegant solitaire diamond rings to grace your manicured fingers. 

For a rocking cocktail party, you can adorn your glittering western outfit with a blingy white gold diamond pendant and adorn your wrists with delicate diamond bracelets.

Diamond Rings for Diwali 

2. Statement Jewellery for Head-turning Outfits

For a remarkable Diwali, there is one simple mantra - Statement jewellery for an epic statement!

After a lockdown Diwali, you need something that creates a bang on your comeback. And, nothing beats the light of dazzling diamond jewellery paired with a remarkable attire. Stand out in the crowd with striking diamond pieces and create a fashion statement.

Deck up your elegant selfies with glittering diamond earrings or a statement neckpiece and flaunt the diva within you. Both the trends of necklace and statement earrings will be prominent this Diwali. So, choose one and get your fashion statement up a notch.

Diamond Earrings for Diwali


3. Colours, Bling & More

Another Diwali jewellery trend that is getting hype this year is a set of colourful and blingy diamond jewellery pieces. No festival is complete without colours. Add on the festive vibe to your outfits with gemstone jewellery that gives out brilliance and a pop of tint and hue.

Your best take can be a collection of distinctly coloured diamonds within a pair of earrings, pendants, and rings. Add an instant uplift to your attire with matching gemstone jewellery that can help your stay talk of the town for years to come. Gemstones will surely give a vibrant look to your elegant outfits.

Gemstone Jewellery for Diwali

4. Minimal Bracelets for Maximum Elegance

Diamond jewellery trends for Diwali 2021 are efficient, elegant, and oh-so-fashionable. This Diwali, minimalism is the new trend. Ditch the heavy, gold-laden bangles and opt for elegant and sentimental diamond bracelets. The diamond bracelets are the new diamond jewellery trend that has taken the town by storm.

Adorn your classic outfits and even a western ensemble with a hint of sparkle on wrists. The delicate bracelets can be a token of completion and give your fashion sense a major uplift. 

The Diwali trend is all about stacking up your wrists with minimal diamond bracelets and chains. You can opt for a simple bracelet and pair it up with an exceptional Evil-Eye bracelet. The combination is perfect for standing out while also protecting you from the negative eye.

 Diamond Bracelets for Diwali

5. Traditional All the Way

Diwali is all about traditions and cultural history. Another style statement tweaking up this Diwali season is traditionally inspired motifs. The quintessential type of diamond jewellery is a nod to the ethnic side of Indian history. For Diwali 2021, be creative and adorn classical jewellery with a modern twist.

Appreciating the Indian roots, the deity motifs diamond jewellery can help you stay grounded and work exceptionally well with your classical outfits. Let the spiritual essence be the cornerstone of your festivities while you play fashion with enchanting diamonds.

Diamond Pendant for Diwali


Diwali, diyas, and diamonds go together for bilgy festivities. Diwali offers multiple occasions for dressing up and accessorizing your level best. During the five days of celebrations adorn the best of gems and diamond jewellery in your traditional best.

For making your Diwali memorable with fashionable Diwali diamond jewellery trends, head over to Zivar- an online diamond jewellery store and choose from a huge variety of diamond jewellery collections.


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