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Celebrating ‘Long Distance’ Sibling Bond with the same zeal and enthusiasm

Date: 2020-11-26

“Only a brother can love like a father, 

annoy like a sister, 

care like a mother,

support like a friend.”

We are sure you might be missing those ugly fights on the dining table or the never-ending blame game on who will be cleaning the house for the day, and the list is endless.

Siblings love to torment each other, and there’s nothing more annoying than hiding their favourite things and hysterically laughing as the search begins (we do it even today!).

However, it won't be wrong in saying that siblings are blessings in disguise. All of us would agree that in this whole world there is no one who understands you better than your sibling. Also, you would never laugh with anyone as you laugh with your cool siblings.

Their mere presence is a comfort and delight at the same time!

Now that you've moved ahead in life and are miles apart, we're sure you might be planning to surprise your younger‘sista’ with a special Rakshabandhan gift to make her feel appreciated for whatever that she has done for you so far.

We bring to you some thoughtful long-distance Rakshabandhan celebration and gift ideas that will prove that distance has nothing to do with closeness.

Mandatory gifts with rakhi online

A beautiful rakhi paired with a valuable gift is the best way to show your love for your amazing brother. It can be anything from a box of sweets to a stylish pair of branded shoes or a wristwatch to surprise your big brother.

As a brother, you have to impress your easy-to-please sister with a mandatory chocolate box, gift hampers, salon voucher, gift card, or a handmade card to beat the distance that drifts you apart. Online gifts are blessings during such times.

Distance doesn't matter, you can bestow your love upon your sister by sending dangling diamond jewellery from a trusted online jewellery store –

Just like the sacred thread of rakhi encloses your bond of love forever, sending gifts is a great way to show your brotherly love.

Bridge the gap through video calls

The Internet has been a boon as it enables you to stay connected with your loved ones in real-time. COVID-19 has very well taught us to stay in touch with our loved ones in spite of them living in distant cities or countries.

There’s nothing wrong in performing all the rakhi rituals over the Zoom call and exchanging wishes online instead of fighting on your favourite dry fruit chocolate gift box! (That was fun, right!)

Surprise with a song

The moment you start your conference call, don’t say anything and let your song do the magic. Write a song for your brother or sister and let the melodious tunes of your guitar make the occasion even more special. Write down a special song for your beloved sister, and she’ll surely cherish this forever.

You can also surprise her with a guitarist on-call and beat the distance blues with music. Other than this, you can also show gratitude through e-greeting card, personalised video message, personalised caricature and likewise to light up the celebrations.

Send personalised gifts

Celebrate the festival of RakshaBandhan with the touch of personalised gifts as it gives a personal connection, touch and feel to shine through the day.

There’s nothing better than a personalised keychain, mug, title frame, or bracelet, anything that holds close to their heart. If you fail to prepare one, then video call and speak to your heart’s content.

Commemorate the day with fine jewellery

To make the day special, ask your sister to lay her fingers on her desired jewellery online and get it delivered at her doorstep. Add a personalised note and likewise to surprise her.

Meanwhile, sisters too can choose an elegant gem from our Belleza, Vogue, Diva or Cinderella collections for their nerdy yet adorable sister-in-crime. Rakshabandhan is not just about celebrating brother-sister bond; it can also be about remembering sisterly love.

Take a look back on previous rakhi moments.

Reminiscing the memories of yesteryear rakhi celebrations when you had saved about three months’ salary to buy her a diamond bracelet or remembering your first handmade card for your brother. Just go through all the previous pictures and have fun relishing homemade sweets delivered by your lovely sister.

This will surely lift up your spirits and make you realise that you’re lucky and privileged to have a sweet and naughty sister. Stay grateful for having each other’s back even during such challenging times. Add some more memories by gifting her a stunning gemstone or a diamond earring! has come up with some elegant and contemporary bandhan collection – diamond studded earrings, available in rose, yellow and white gold metal coating. IGI Certified diamond jewellery with 14 kt to 18 kt of metal purity.

Delight him/her with a heartfelt video or post

It’s obvious your sibling is unhappy not having you besides on this special day. Amaze him/her with a sincere, wholehearted message clubbed with childhood pictures and perfect music in the background. Post a heartfelt message with a compilation of audios, videos and photos to melt their heart.

Create an amazing montage, and this thoughtful gesture will bring closeness in your relationship. Don’t forget to flaunt your elegant pearl jewellery sent as a Rakshabandhan gift.

So, let us all uphold the spirit of the festivals and celebrate Rakshabandhan with as much fervour as every year - virtual gatherings, online delivery of gifts, sweets and savouries.

Plan a virtual bash, send virtual invites to all your family members and celebrate this bond of togetherness with people coming together from across cities, countries and continents.

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We take pride in being able to make your dreams come true. Find the best jewellery piece for your amazing sister and brother!


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