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The Ultimate Diamond Jewellery Guide For Destination Weddings

Date: 2020-11-17

Diamond is one of the most precious stones found on earth. Every woman loves diamonds. With changing times, the modes of buying jewellery have also changed. You no longer need to take that tiring trip to the local jewellery store anymore. Whether you want to buy diamond earrings or an exquisite diamond neck-piece, everything is available online today.

Diamond jewellery and weddings go hand in hand. Diamond jewellery has been the top choice for marriages for decades. Although the jewellery choices have not changed much, the locations where the weddings are held have been completely revolutionised.

Long gone are days when exchanging the vows in a temple or a wedding hall was the norm. These days, couples do not shy away from travelling thousands of miles to celebrate their special day at exotic locations. A destination wedding is a spectacular event. The couple gets a chance to visit an exotic location and celebrate their love in a picturesque place surrounded by their friends and family.

Though all of this sounds super fun, if you are a guest at a destination wedding you will probably know by now how difficult it is to get the right jewellery for destination weddings. Well, you need not worry, we have you sorted! Here is your ultimate guide to buying and wearing diamond jewellery for destination weddings.

How to choose jewellery for destination weddings?

Consider the location:

When choosing diamond jewellery for a destination wedding, you need to take inspiration from the venue. Say, for example, if the wedding is being held by the ocean, you need to choose sparkling diamond jewellery paired with pearls. A stunning neckpiece or diamond earrings that hint at the seashells and water. If the wedding venue is surrounded by flowers you could choose jewellery that is shaped like flowers or you could also choose stones that complement the colours of the blooms.

Keep the venue in mind:

The venue of the destination wedding can matter a lot when choosing jewellery. You need to match the look and feel of your jewellery to the venue. For, example the pieces you choose for a beach wedding can definitely not be worn in a historic palace. Consider the feel of the venue and then match your jewellery to that venue.

Take your dress into account:

You might also want to think about your dress when you are choosing the jewellery. Say, for example, a more intricate dress that features many details, ruffles or patterns has to be paired with subtle jewellery such as a diamond pendant. If your dress has a halter or straps, you might want to skip the necklace and focus on earrings instead. Statement diamond earrings would be the best choice. If you do not own a pair, you can always buy diamond earrings online.

Do not get carried away:

You never go overboard with jewellery for a destination wedding! It is important to keep this fact in mind. At destination weddings, in particular, the overall scene will likely be so wonderful that you will not need a lot of jewellery. Also in some cases like a beach wedding, it is better to let the setting and the dress do the talking. Although this may completely depend on the location. So you need to think carefully, taking everything into consideration and then decide whether you need a lot of jewellery or not.

What are the various diamond jewellery options available for a destination wedding?


If your neck-piece is huge, you need to keep the earrings minimal. Also, keep in mind that diamond jewellery for destination weddings do not have to be overly heavy. A simple diamond choker or a multi-layered necklace would do the trick. Keep the layer count to a maximum of three or four. A single diamond necklace would also look great.


Diamond rings can be the perfect statement accessory for a destination wedding. If you are one of those bold divas, you could flaunt a ring with a huge diamond. But if you are more of a minimalist, you could choose a diamond ring with one stone to reduce maintenance and ensure it goes with other pieces of jewellery.


Diamond earrings exude an aura of class and elegance that is unmatched. If you have an elaborately designed outfit, you could actually pair it up with diamond studs. But for a more contemporary look, diamond chandelier earrings would be your best bet. You could choose chandelier earrings with tiny diamonds that will catch light every time you tilt your head. You will find a variety of designs if you decide to buy diamond earrings online.

How to style diamond jewellery for various locations?

The Big Fat Indian Wedding:

Prepare for a royal affair if the destination is a city like Udaipur, Jaipur Or Rajasthan. Regal themed destinations weddings are a rage these days. You can absolutely rock one by looking completely royal. For this destination, choose Indian attires like a saree or an Anarkali suit. For such weddings, you need to wear bright colours like purple, maroon, etc. For a more traditional look, you can pair it up with diamond jewellery that has pearls in it. Complete your look with a pair of stilettos and an elegant diamond bracelet!

The Beach Wedding:

If the wedding is happening at an exotic destination like Goa or Andamans, you need to wear outfits with a dash of colour and free-flowing fabrics. You can add bangles or statement earrings for fun, but make sure you do not go overboard on the jewellery. You could also try a layered diamond necklace or a bracelet for a classy look.

God's Own Country:

Choose a more traditional look when attending a wedding in the backwaters of Kerela. As the climate is mostly humid in Kerela, opt for a lighter fabric. Wear a south Indian saree and pair it up with intricate diamond jewellery design set in gold. Do not forget to wear bangles to complete the entire look.

Destination weddings promise a whole lot of fun, memories and a great time with family and friends. You can make this occasion extra special by choosing the best diamond jewellery pieces. You can always buy diamond necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, diamond earrings etc. online. Select the best diamond jewellery that befits the location, and enjoy the second glances!


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