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Diamond Ring for Every Personality Type

Date: 2021-02-05

Every individual has a different personality as well as different preferences. Just like individuals, diamonds are also available in different forms. Now the question is how you will know what type of diamond is perfect for your girl. When you opt for diamond ring online shopping, you will see a wide range of styles such as tiffany cut, pillow cut, and pear, radiant, oval, heart marquise and the list goes on. If the list confuses you, then this blog will help you choose the right diamond ring for your girl. The different styles of diamonds reflect different personalities. Here’s some information about different styles for different personalities.

Round Diamonds Are For Classic Girls

If your girlfriend is one among those who love timeless and classical things, then round diamond is for her. If she doesn’t like wearing fancy designer clothes or not interested in modern bling and feels happy when she looks classy and chic, it means she is a classic lover. If she is the one who looks smart without spending a lot of time looking at the mirror, she likes something simple yet elegant. Round diamond ring is perfect for her.

This diamond has 58 facets that make it sparkle by bouncing light from bottom to top. Even though it has a classic cut, it has some specific wow factors without being overwhelming, just like your girl.

Princess Cut Is the Perfect One for Style Diva

She is fun and flirty with a lot of styles. If your lady is passionate about style and loves fashion, the princess cut is perfect for her. The princess cut introduced in the 60s is considered to be the trendy ring to have in your jewellery collection. This cut has revived in recent years. It has become a trendsetter and fashion statement in the past few years. If this cut is good enough for a fashionista celebrity that it must be good enough for your own fashion diva.

Asscher Cut for your Vintage Style Girl

Does your lady love vintage stuff? She has vintage shoes and flapper dresses in her wardrobe and loves spending her weekend lock-in vintage chops then Asscher is the one you must look for while going for diamond ring online shopping. This piece of diamond has the stunning shape of a square. This cut is considered as dramatic and striking. It also gives a vintage feel. This cut was really popular in the 1930s and it has returned in style.

The Cushion Cut Is Ideal For a Romantic Lady

If your lady cries her eyes out at soppy movies, loves watching men in breeches and wants to be swept off her feet, then the cushion cut is the ideal choice for her. This cut symbolizes the brilliance. When you gift her a ring with cushion cut diamond she will feel emotional as well as romantic.

Heart Cut Will Fill Warmth in the Heart of an Emotional Girl

Your girl is emotional. She breaks into tears every single time that you need something that can fill her heart with warmth. In that case heart shape is the one for her.

Zivar offers different styles and cuts you can choose from to suit the personality style of your girl.  With Zivar, opting for diamond ring online shopping is easy.

Few Things to Keep In Mind While Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

Are you planning to buy diamond jewellery online? Do you have appropriate knowledge about diamonds and the aspects related to this process? If you have decided on buying diamond jewellery online, you need to know how to buy, what to buy, what to look for while buying, etc. Let’s have a look at tips and tricks of buying diamond jewellery online.

Here you will also get some information that will help you in finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one.

A diamond that matches your personality

Everyone is well aware of the fact that diamonds have different styles so are humans. Just like diamonds, women have versatile personalities. Some of them are traditional and some of them are modern day’s diva.  Diamonds are a significant investment, so it is important that you know your lady’s personality perfectly to find the perfect diamond for her. If your girl loves to be recognized as a fashion diva and is passionate about fashion then you must look for princess cut jewellery for her.

Round cut is the perfect piece for the traditional girls, Emerald compliments the glamorous girls. Cushion cut goes perfectly with ladies who are romantic by nature. For women, who are emotional, the heart shape is the perfect piece for them.

The Reason behind Buying Diamond Jewellery Online

You must have heard “Diamonds are forever” millions of times. Yes, it indeed goes perfectly in case of diamond as they are long-lasting. When you plan to buy diamond jewellery online, you must consider the occasion or reason for picking diamond for the lady in your life. For a woman,diamond is not just a piece of jewelry that will be added to their jewelry box. For them, it is a promise, a gesture, love, care, pride, and top of all a memory for a lifetime. You must be careful while making your choice as you want to make your lady feel special and convey your feelings that you cannot express to her every time but you feel deep inside for her. The size doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters here is the reason you are giving it to her.

Shop from a Reliable Online Jewellery Store

Everyone knows that diamond is an expensive affair so it needs extra consideration when you opt for diamond jewellery online. You must look for reliable jewelers like Zivar for your shopping.  They make sure their collection and services satisfy you completely. With Zivar, you can be assured of the quality and authenticity of the product. They have an extensive variety to choose from. You are sure to find what you are looking for here. Check out their collection of diamond jewellery now!


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