Express Love to Your Mothers with an Elegant Diamond Jewellery Collection- Mother's Day 2021 Edition

Express Love to Your Mothers with an Elegant Diamond Jewellery Collection- Mother's Day 2021 Edition

Date: 2021-05-09

"Heaven lies beneath the feet of mother" - A Quranic quote

We can all agree on a collective fact that there is no one as special as our mothers. From being a major backbone to a constant ride or die, she has been a major part of our lives. Whether helping us with minimal tasks like finding our socks or being a shoulder to cry upon when we flunked our exams, she has always been to our aid.

Mother's Day is around the corner and finding her a gift that rightly portrays our undying love for her can be tough. No amount of gratitude will ever be enough for all the things she has done our entire lives. Therefore, a thoughtful and heart-warming gift is a perfect way to celebrate our moms and the admiration we have for them. Gifts like a perfume bottle and a bouquet of flowers are old school. What you want is something that she will cherish for years to come. And, for that, we have two words for you- Diamond Jewellery.

At Zivar, we have curated a love-filled jewellery collection list that will surely make your moms elated. From diamond earrings to diamond pendants; here is a wide range to choose from.

1.   Lucky Charm for a Charming Queen:




 This flower motif pair of earrings and diamond pendant is a delightful take on the four-leaf clover. A motif that is considered lucky and pristine. So, why not gift something to our harbingers of luck something equally lucky and beautiful?

If your mom is as simple as a flower and isn't a fan of extravagance, these pendant and earrings are the ultimate gifts for her. They have a beautiful amalgamation of gold and diamonds set in intricate details- perfect enough for our simpleton moms. Crafted in gold and detailed with one-side diamonds makes this pair even more charismatic.


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2.   A Diamond Fashionista:






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Crafted in 18-carat gold and embellished with prestigious round diamonds, this set is no less than a masterpiece. Lushed with a diamond crusted sphere and piped with a gold pole figurine in the centre, this pair is an elegance personified.

If your mother is a fashion enthusiast and never settles with boring fashion norms, these diamond studded ornaments are a perfect gift for her.

3.   Out-of-the-box Beauty:




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Is your mother a creative genius and loves everything out of the box? Well, we present you with perfect gold and diamond ornaments that are definitely ingenious.

These beauties have a diamond-encrusted centre resting on a gold-plated sphere adorned with drop-shaped depression. If this ain't creative genius we don't know what else is. The minimalist yet striking settlement of diamonds in the centre are a sight of delight and the added gold plate is perfect enough to give a radiant appearance to these beauty-bombshells.


4.   A Classic Phenomenon:




Does your mom have a penchant for everything classic, elegant, and decadent? Is she a fan of contemporary jewellery with a hint of traditional opulence? Here is a treat for her.

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This delicate diamond earrings and diamond pendant sister set is a beauty to behold. Intricately crafted in the shape of a peacock that graciously sits on a diamond-crusted gold sphere. Styled in a prong setting and designed with 18-carat gold, it is a truly enthralling piece. This traditional eloquent beauty perfectly accentuates the angelic woman- your mother.




5.   The Flower Power:




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Would you describe your mother's sense of style as casual and relaxed? Then this floral earring and pendant set might do the trick. Beautifully rendered in an elegant flower motif and diamond encrusted in the centre, this sister set is surely made to turn around heads.

For your mother who is sweet, gentle, and caring needs something that equally describes her attitude. The diamond earring and pendant are the right choices for her.

Are you still looking for other options to explore? Diamond bracelets, diamond bangles or even diamond rings may catch your eye. You can explore our entire diamond jewellery collection here that is sure to make you and your mothers fall in love?.


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