Father's Day gift guide: 5 jewellery pieces your father will cherish for a lifetime

Father's Day gift guide: 5 jewellery pieces your father will cherish for a lifetime

Date: 2021-06-19

Father's day is around. This might be the right time to go berserk and find the most perfect gift for your superhero, your father!

If your dad is a self-sufficient, never-asking individual, his answer to, "what you want?" will be an inconclusive response- I don't want anything! What to get someone who has always made sure we are provided with everything? Now is the time to expand your search horizons and dive into the world of men's jewellery.

If your dad is already a fan of jewellery, then it might not be a painstaking job in selecting the right piece for him. If he is not well aware of men's jewellery, our carefully curated list for father's day gift ideas might come in handy.

1.  Versatile, Rose-Gold Ring:


A gold diamond ring that is unique and versatile, is just the perfect gift your dad deserves. The eye-catching gold band with diamond-encrusted on the top gives the ring a look of immense superiority.

The rose gold beauty is something your father can flaunt at events or even fancy it as a dress-down. Surprise your dad with this stunner and help him change his style game.

2.  Trendy & Classy Pendant:

If your father is more of a rockstar, this diamond and gold pendant is an ideal gift for him. The square diamond beauty is set in mesmerizing 18kt gold, right enough for your gold-loving dad.

The intricate detailing of the pendant is carefully crafted for the simple, yet trendsetting daddy-dearest. The pendant suits well enough for day-to-day shenanigans as well for a dress-up extravagant evening.

3.  White-Gold Ring cum Band:

We have spruced up another stunning jewellery piece - casual, eccentric white gold diamond-embedded ring. The best thing about the ring is that it works perfectly well as a couple diamond band. So, you can even go a step further and grab one for your mom too, or even for yourself, and flaunt it like a twinning set.

4.  Engraved Love:


Want to show your father how much he means to you? Go personalized! The diamond embedded "Forever" ring, is a token of your forever love to him. Even more, it works great as a conversation opener. Imagine, your dad is among a crowd, sporting your gifted ring. How proud he would feel when someone asks about it! What a thrilling moment it must be for him. A stamp of your admiration forever immortalized.

5.  Sensual Turquoise Pendant:


For a father who craves class. The one who imitates pure enigma with his style and masculinity. This turquoise necklace is an ideal choice for him. Set in 18kt white gold with an embedded turquoise diamond, the diamond pendant from Zivar is a class apart.

If you are looking for a piece of jewellery that screams "special-occasion", this pendant is perfect. Let your father nail the diamond pendant with a suit or pair it up with a jacked-up blazer. Watch him go from mundane to insane in seconds.


The bottom line is, diamond jewellery is not just for moms. Dads too appreciate admirable bling that holds a great sentimental value. Such men's jewellery for father's day can even be hailed as family heirlooms and even passed down to the next generations.

Whether selecting a gift for your own father, your children's father, grandfather, or even soon-to-be fathers, this father's day, think out of the box about something your father will cherish forever. Surprise your special dad figure with this ultimate men's jewellery and change the gifting game forever.

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