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Find the Ring She Would Adore For the Rest of Her Life

Date: 2020-10-29

Are you planning on proposing to her soon?

Do you have any idea what sort of ring she would like?

Considering there are a lot of options available on the market for diamond rings online and offline it might be a little overwhelming.

Don’t worry! With these steps, you can easily find the perfect ring to propose with. We’re sure she’ll love the proposal and the ring!

Go on, read this short and sweet list.


  1. Attention to Detail

For the time being change your profession and become a detective. Don’t resign from your job just get another one. Searching for diamond rings for women online yes, that’s what you need to do!

Keep a keen eye out for what your to-be-fiance likes. Take notes or make a spreadsheet.

A few evaluation tips especially for you:

Say she wears a lot of jeans and t-shirts then she has a very simple and casual style. Then her ring style should be clean, minimal and simple ornamentation or none.

Maybe she is always dressed up and keeps up with the latest fashion. Try considering the rings that are trending right now. Browse rings that celebrities are wearing.

Her clothes are vintage and represent the era long gone. You could look for a ring that gives that kind of a feel. It could be a conversation starter in her girl gang!

She has an extremely hands-on personality and prefers doing most tasks herself. She won’t have to worry about the precious ring with a diamond that is set low. It won’t be prone to damage as other designs.

If she is the emotional kind and you have an heirloom ring, your problem is solved! Ask for your grandmother’s or your mother’s blessing and get on proposing!

2.The Holy Internet

The internet is a sea. In this sea, you will be able to find tons of photos and information on the kinds of rings she might like. Keep browsing different sites like Pinterest to make a collection of designs you think would work for her (and ultimately for you)!

There’s also a possibility that she has saved her favourite styles somewhere, go figure!

Where else would you go to find a diamond ring online ?

3.Talk to the Women Closest to Her

Directly or indirectly start a dialogue with the women she is the closest to. Chances are your significant other has already had a conversation with them about the designs she likes. She could have already picked a store and a ring that she wants. 

Sit with them and look for diamond rings online or any other kinds of rings she may prefer.

If not, you could take these women out shopping. You already know they’d be better at it. All you have to do is make sure that your to-be-fiancé doesn’t get wind of it.

4.Window Shopping

Be smart and sneaky. Casually take her to a jewellery store you passed on your way home.

Don’t take her to the engagement ring section directly because that will be a dead giveaway. You don’t want her to become completely aware of what’s going on in your head, or it will ruin the surprise.

Once you’ve started browsing through the jewellery, you’ll have to notice what kind of it is that she’s drawn to. Her eyes will light up and she’ll have a million dollar smile.

That being said, there are so many perks of shopping for diamond rings online. You can let your proposal plan remain a secret right till the end until you buy a diamond ring.

5.Talk to the Woman

Okay, if none of the above-mentioned techniques has worked for you, just ask the woman you love what she wants.

You don’t have to take her shopping or get all the details but getting a rough idea of the style, type of diamond, or setting could help you in your quest. Ask her if she has saved any diamond rings options online for herself.

She’s the one that will be wearing the ring for the rest of her life, so the selection is crucial.

Now that you have the details, stick to them. Straying off the path will probably make you mad, and you don’t want that.

6.Other Jewellery

Every time you guys go out, observe the kind of jewellery she wears. 

Is it gold or silver? Is it heavy or delicate? Does she need to match the bracelets with the rings and the earrings and the necklaces?

To understand the kind of metal she’d like, you could pretend that you want to buy her a bracelet. The perfect lie, right?

All these are going to help you find the absolute best ring she could have dreamt of.

With a little dedication you could make your to-be-fiancé the happiest woman in the world, it’s not even an exaggeration! has an awesome collection of jewellery that is perfect for every occasion. With certified diamonds, you’re left with nothing to worry about. Check out the website to find out more.

A Woman’s Guide To Workwear Jewellery

Be it a party, a school reunion, or office, we all love to dress up and wear matching accessories.

As someone rightly said, ‘Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.’

Dressing up is certainly an essential part of the way people perceive you. So, when you head to work wearing the perfect footwear, donned in the best formal dress, why not pause and pick up a few accessories to enhance your look.

And hold on, the kind of jewellery you opt for, makes the difference!

Whether you are a fresher or a senior executive, en deshabille, of course, isn’t your style for a corporate environment. So, why to wear funky, glittery or noisy jewellery?

Build the perfect office wear jewellery by following the below-mentioned tips-

Swear by comfort to climb the corporate ladder

Comfort does not always define what you enjoy wearing. Here, it means that whatever jewellery you wear must be lightweight and simple, that does not distract you and helps you to stay focused.

After all, you do not want something that constantly moves to and fro as you work on your important assignments.

Firstly, lightweight and hassle-free jewellery is easy to wear, carry and store. You can buy solitaire jewellery online.

Second, owing to its simplicity, the jewellery piece can match a myriad of outfits. Solitaire jewellery could best do the job.

Lastly, they are creative. A single diamond ring can be minimalistic and be a statement at the same time.

If you are wearing it as statement jewellery, remember to limit it to one piece per outfit.

Leverage their versatility by wearing them with Indian as well as Western formals.

Hustle day to night

Pausing to match your jewellery once before going to the office is a good idea. But, stopping now and then to alter jewellery for a client’s meeting, or a luncheon with friends is time-consuming and does not fall in your busy schedule.

You may have to visit different places throughout the day, which might also be followed by an office outing.

The best kind of jewellery here would be that it does not have a particular colour and at the same time beautifies the look of every outfit.

Pearls are the answer!

Wear a single pearl stud or a single pearl pendant to work. And when your work colleague calls off a party, throw in some jewellery that has 2-3 pearls in varying colours.

Let the fun side of your personality come to play.

One more thing that is best about pearls is that they match the best with darker shades of clothes and look equally good on light pastels or neutral shades.

Imagine yourself wearing a teardrop earring in a meeting and imagine wearing the same pair of earrings in an office picnic.

Yes, you look pretty in both the scenarios.

Bling to proclaim outstanding performance

Jewellery that is too loud, blingy or has a jingle is too irritating for office wear. But a simple shine can look sober and yet add an element of fun. You can always go for solitaire diamond jewellery!

The most important consideration for a workwear jewellery range is to be simple and elegant.

And to be so, always shop for pieces that can be worn on different occasions and in different ways.

The combinations are endless! But, one of the ways to wear jewellery smartly is to wear a bracelet that could be worn with as well as without charms.

First of all, you earn two looks with a single jewellery piece. And secondly, you get the optimum out of your investment.

As such you would be spending your time and money, so invest in that can refresh your look and define your style quotient.

What you wear to work has so many factors in play. But in the end, it is all about you. It is ultimately your choice what to wear and what not to.

The clothes and accessories you wear reflect your personality. Jewellery is another way to tell your story. 

Remember, your personality reflects in your choices!

These were some brilliant ideas to wear at work, besides sunscreen and a burning ambition!

We are sure this information would be helpful to you in building your office wear jewellery collection. Piece-by-piece, you build a workwear jewellery collection that showcases your extravagant personality.

That being said, we at provide a wide range of jewellery of the latest design for you to pick from. And each jewellery piece has a story behind its creation. Starting from a diamond ring to solitaire jewellery, we have an extensive range of jewellery that can be selected and ordered from the comfort of your home.


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