Gift Your Sister the Best - Rakshabandhan Diamond Jewellery Gifting Guide

Date: 2021-08-18

Nonsense fights, countless bickerings, and tattletale stories- a similar sibling story in every household. Though the fights are a usual occurrence, the love portrayed is a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of appearance. Is your brother-sister relationship similar to it? Is your relationship a kind where you bicker one day and become the best of friends the next day?

We understand that on the occasion of Rakshabandhan, you get a soft spot for your sibling. You think about gifting them something that shows how amazing they are. However, after all, they are all yours.

Are you a brother looking for something for your annoying yet stunning sister? Our carefully crafted Rakshabandhan gifting list for your sister is your perfect guide. With our perfect guide, you will be able to choose the best Rakhi gifts and become the best brother ever.

Diamonds are a woman's best friend. So why not surprise your sister with a unique Rakhi gift of dazzling diamond jewellery? We have listed down the best diamond jewellery gifts for Rakshbandhan you can take inspiration from.


  1. Diamond Bracelets: A delicate gift for your precious sister


  • Is your sister a princess of your house with whom your parents always side? If yes, a royalty-worthy diamond jewellery gift for her is the only option. Surprise her with a delicate diamond bracelet that tells her that she will always remain your little princess.


Treat her with our Mahi Diamond Bracelet and remind her how precious and delicate she is. The bracelet is studded with diamonds that are embedded in white gold. The delicate crafting of the bracelet lets your sister flaunt it with ease and definitely make a style statement.


  • Another bracelet that shall make your sister give you a dazzling smile is our Emilie Diamond Bracelet . The butterfly motifs on the diamond bracelet will surely steal your sister's heart while not putting a dent in your budget. The cutesy bracelet is crafted with yellow-gold and is encrusted with real natural diamonds.


Well, diamonds and gifts? Who can go wrong? The diamond bracelet shall be the best thing to gift your sister on Rakshabandhan.


  1. Talisman jewellery: A jewellery that protects and creates style


You fight with your sister all the time, but dare anyone else put an eye on her. We understand how protective and possessive you are for your sister which is why we have listed down the most unique Rakhi gift for you- the Talisman Diamond Jewellery Collection. A carefully crafted diamond jewellery collection that guarantees style with an aura of protection.


  • Engulf your sister with positive energy and ward off evil with our Evil-Eye Eavan Diamond Necklace. She will readily flaunt it as her everyday style statement. The diamond necklace offers an intricate beauty that your sister will surely love.


  • Your sister might be a fan of dream catchers. Why not gift her it as a Rakhi gift? Our Denesse Diamond Necklace is stunning take on the popular dream catcher. Apart from making for an amazing diamond accessory, it also helps in incepting bad energy and negative thoughts.


  • Another traditional symbol diamond jewellery that can be given as a Rakshanbandhan gift is our Hanukkah Aylin Diamond Pendant. The motif helps in bouncing back the evil-eye and keeping the wearer safe from the negative vibe. The diamond pendant shall make an excellent for your stylish sister.


The Talisman Diamond Jewellery collection will be a thoughtful gift that will be cherished by your sister for years to come. You can also view our other designs at our website.


Diamond Earrings: A Diamond jewellery for a diamond smile

 Your sister is waiting for you to gift her something out-of-the-ordinary. Fulfil her dreams with our exclusive diamond earrings collection.

It is for sure that your little sister likes to party and have fun, our Julie Diamond Earring is the perfect option for her. The diamond stud style earrings are a cute gift that she will love and adore.


  • Minimalism is the new trend. We present you with another heart-catching diamond earring that will make your sister swoon. Our magical Kailey Diamond Earring is a perfect Rakshabandhan gift. The earrings will definitely make you one-in-a-million brother.


  • Diamonds can make your sister jump and down with joy. Want to get this ultimate expression for your sister? Then you will be delighted with our Ziya Solitaire Earrings . A delicate diamond beauty that exudes an elegance your sister will surely adore.



Our delicate and classy diamond jewellery collection makes for a perfect Rakshabandhan gift for your sister. The designs are top-of-the-class and also in a budget. Choose from a wide range of rose-gold, white-gold, and yellow-gold jewellery embedded with the finest certified natural diamonds. Make your sister's Rakshsbandhan a day to remember.

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