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How to Change Your Jewellery Style Depending on the Occasion

Date: 2020-11-06

A reflection of who you are, your diamond is an essential accessory that should adorn  every part of you.

Whether you’re wearing diamonds for a special occasion, or it has become a part of your routine, they are sophistication at its best.

And no matter how many diamond pieces we already have in our wardrobe, we’re always yearning to buy more of them.

Right from those tiny solitaire earrings to the gorgeousness of magnificent pieces, we want it all.

Now, once you do have the essentials pieces of diamond jewellery kept safely in your cupboard, you need to understand where to wear them and how. Which occasion calls for what kind of jewels.

Here’s a little bit of advice from our side to help everyone, and especially our valued customers, in every way we can.

1.The Formal Kind of Occasions

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like wearing a lot of jewellery, that’s okay. But then, when it comes to dressing up for formal occasions such as anniversary parties or weddings, you will have to bling yourself up a little.

There’s no need to wear heavy pieces of jewels around your neck or on your ears; you can just add an oomph onto your neck with light and elegant pieces like Falak by Such pieces generally go with turtlenecks and crew neck dresses and shirts.

But then! If you plan to wear a strapless dress, then you should grab one of those rather heavy chandelier earrings from your collection.

Let’s say your outfit has a V-neck; then, it demands that you wear one of your pendant necklaces, as they’ll look the best.

So you see, there’s a lot of thought that you will need to put into selecting the right kind of jewels. Make sure they suit your mood as much as they suit your outfit.

2.Business Deals or Meetings

Now, what is the one thing that you need when you walk into a testosterone-filled meeting room? Confidence, correct! How? With your precious diamond jewellery, of course! When you put on that single piece of jewellery, you will shine, trust us. Try wearing something from our collection like Floria, a diamond pendant, which will have your confidence touching the skies with its flower power!

Light pendants and necklaces will pair perfectly with your formal attire and complement the strong woman that you are. It will lead you right to success, considering all the efforts you’ve put into your work.

Would you happen to be looking for how to style your workplace attire? Then we have just what you will want to read. Check it out here.

3.New Year’s Eve

Oh, and the day to look flawlessly perfect is right here, and you want yourself to continue being the poised version of yourself the coming year as well. What better way to do just that than to jewel yourself up, in some of your favourite pieces of diamond jewellery and stand out from the crowd at the party? See, if you’re looking for something that will glam up your wrist, then has the perfect bracelet for you to show off to everyone. The Efra diamond bracelet is an eye-catching yet subtle example of how well you understand when to show off, and when to tone it down.

You could also opt for a statement piece, after all, such occasions only come around once a year, right? As long as you know what works for you, we’re sure you’ll rock the party.

4.Casual Parties

Diamonds are known to be the evening gems, and they’re known to be so for all the right reasons. In the chandelier lights, your diamonds shall shine with all their might, and you will be the one that gravitates all the attention onto you. How amazing will that be! You already know that black dresses and diamonds go well together, so you know what you have to do. Pick out a delicate piece from your collection, or buy one if you have to, so that your jewellery does not overpower the conversation you’re having with people at the party. If you want, you could just wear a single statement piece, and be done.

5.Celebrating Everyday

Now, we’re all so caught up in our work and personal life that we forget that being able to breathe every day is something that should be celebrated. We’re not saying go out to party each night, but you can sure make every day feel like there’s something special about it. Diamonds are the perfect way to remind you of the beauty that lies in the world. It will boost your mood to new heights as you look at the adorably precious jewels you have adorned onyourself. Rings like Artice and Deanne are some of the perfect examples of diamond jewels that will help you with this.

If you can’t find ideas that make you want to celebrate every day, then we can help you out. Here’s how you can make every other day a party.

We hope that you can have your bright inner self shine along with your diamonds, impress every person around you, and create happiness in your heart.

If you are still not convinced about the kind of pieces that you have with you, then come to visit the website and find everything that you’re looking for; a piece that will suit your every need.

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident in her own skin, dressed as the queen that she is in her mind. Confident and lovely. has an extensive collection of jewellery that is perfect for every event. Starting right from contemporary to traditional, you’ll be able to find the piece you  love for a lifetime! Our certified diamonds take away all your worries! Check out our website to find out more.


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