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Nail Your Workwear – 18 Ideas Matching Attire With The Jewellery

Date: 2020-11-12

Remember Rachel Green from the famous sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S? She played the role of a Merchandising Manager for polo retail at Ralph Lauren and had all the freedom and money to buy new jewellery and flaunt them at work.

For all the female readers out there, tell us the number of days in a week when you look at all the jewellery you have and wonder what to wear at work today!

We know you don't want to be someone who steps in the office and be the cause of laughter for colleagues just because your diamond ear studsdon't match your attire! It feels devastating. Selecting the best small diamond earringsto work, or deciding the best website tobuy diamond earrings online that goes well with your new blazer is always challenging.

Through this blog, we will share with you tips that can satisfy your desire to dress up in a trendy and fashionable style at the workplace.


1.Start the week with a shirt dress to work!

Buy a good shirt dress and successfully invest in a never-fail outfit for wearing to work. Complement it with a classy pendant or a pair of diamond ear studs and you are ready for office, even on the bluest of Mondays!


2.Boss yourself up with a blazer!

A blazer won't only add class to your look but will also give a much-needed boost to the aura that you carry to work. A nose pin and a bangle will be the best jewellery that you can combine with your blazer for an admirable day at work.


3.Love your sandals like never before

Wearing sandals to work is no more a taboo! Walk into the workplace with a bold and sleek pair of sandals, and awe them at the client meeting with your formal yet bold approach.


4.A patterned button-up for an unparalleled look

Wear it to work and be ready for the compliments to flood in! Also, pay attention to the jewellery to wear with it. A pair of small diamond earrings can go well with this dress. We bet the class and sass this look will bring to you will help you gain all the attention in the room.


5. A midi skirt for the Fun Friday!

Fun Friday at your office will turn glamorous when you wear a midi skirt on the floor complemented with a diamond necklace. You will be ready for the eventful day at the office and the dinner cocktail party after the office.


6.A two-toned pencil dress will portray authority

A two-toned pencil dress can provide you with the much-awaited classy look. Pair your dress with small diamond earrings which you can buy from


7.A toucan-covered dress to make the workplace more cheerful

This dress will give you a sophisticated and cheerful look at the same time. Don't be surprised when your colleagues cheer you with a smile even when they are having a bad day at work. Pair this dress with a gemstone pendant and get ready for some glam accompanying you to the workplace. A gemstone holds the amazing power to turn your look more lively at any time of the day. Read our blog to know more about gemstone jewellery and how they go with your personality.


8.Give space to wide leg pants and ignore the bad advice at the workplace

Ignoring bad advice has always been a trait of a strong woman. Likewise, dressing up like you mean business is also the trait of a progressive woman. Wear wide leg pants to work paired diamond stud earrings and work with grit and tenacity.


9.Save a day for the classic white t-shirt too

This can be the easiest office outfit if you do it with expertise and under guidance. You can layer sleeveless dress on top of the white t-shirt and get out in your super-sexy heels. Apart from the look, this outfit is also comfortable to sit in a cubicle all day without any sign of fatigue. A pair of jhumkas accompanied by this outfit can easily help you grab the attention of workmates and also the clients in a client meeting. A casual look which can grab you a promotion too - what else would you want?


10.A floral dress for a fresh and interesting work look

This look not only inspires a soft look for work but also gives you a flowy flirty dress that is ever ready to be paired with a set of small diamond earringsBesides, this flowery dress can also be something new that could even start a trend at your office. Yes, be the trendsetter!


11.A simple and feminine belted jacket over a skirt

It's the easiest and it translates to a look that was worn by Rachel Green in the 90s. Don't worry about the timezones. Just try it with a pair of pencil heels and diamond ear studs Thank us later in the comment section when this look actually makes work bearable with all the compliments you get during the day.


12.A White Button-Down can be the absorber of all Monday blues at the workplace

This is the most relaxed option out there to wear at the workplace. It is a carrier of a sober and light look. Do not hesitate to pair it with small diamond earrings. You can get a whole range here to buy diamond earrings online. Choose anyone among the 5 types of diamond earrings that speak out differently for you!


13. Sneakers will make you ready for the long walk

Sneakers are a hot favourite nowadays as they go easily with any outfit. Buy a pair of high-end sneakers and pair them with a bracelet on the left hand for a strong and a modern look to your office attire. Be meeting ready or team outings ready every day with your sneakers and the bracelet look.


14. A striped bodycon for a pretty and professional glare to your office wear

This dress is the best source that can bring you an aura of confidence and beauty. You don't want to be less productive any day of the year, so a pair of small diamond earrings is always a great option to wear with this dress.


15. A combination of White Shirt, Skinny Jeans, and Pumps

This combination can help you follow the thumb rule of keeping the office wear jewellery simple. Focus on buying a set of delicate earrings from our website and help yourself a street-style yet formal look for your next in-house presentation.


16.A silk tank and a pencil skirt to keep the game alive

Defeat all your midweek blues with this perfect pairing to lighten your mood. The look will give you a "straight out-of-a-parlour" look and carry added charm and beauty to your side. You will feel determined even in the midweek to pursue the perseverance and passion to achieve all your long-term goals. Also, don't forget to put up a pair of small diamond earrings and a smile to your face for more compliments.


17. A straight-fit blazer and jeans for the weekend

This is for them who don't have a formal dress code at the office. Wear this perfectly matched apparel with a diamond pendant and be ready to flaunt yourself just like Rachel did back in her times. Stay happy as you have an attire that's perfectly making your mood for the work on the last day of the week and the fun on the weekend. This pair can also go well with a pair of diamond ear studs from our website which you can easily attain at a discounted price and with faster delivery options. Why wait for the weekend to shop when you can order it now!


18.A pair of low-heeled ankle boots to keep the vibes high and stress low

For all the ladies who don't mind showcasing their personality with their shoes, this comes as a bold option that could surely add a muted sparkle to your personality. Pair it up with the right jacket and a set of diamond earrings to attract attention and compliments at the workplace.

Whatever you wear to the office, just remember one thing: pair it up with the right jewellery and you will be ready to rock the floor for the day. There are always options that can make boring attire interesting. All it needs is a bit of research and some experiment with your jewellery and attire. The list has been prepared after absolute testing and analysis of these looks on a woman in real-life. You can also refer to Woman’s Guide To Workwear Jewelleryfor more tips on what to wear to the office.

You can feast yourself with the grand collection on the website and order for yourself the jewellery that best suits your personality. Visit our online store and browse what you like the most!


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