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5 Tips To Nail The Marriage Proposal With a Sparkling Diamond

Date: 2020-11-12

Every once in a while, we stumble upon someone who speaks to our soul and is the perfect partner in crime. Finding unconditional love is not an easy feat, so hold on to the ones you have in your life. When you find that perfect partner, hold on to them and never let go. Since marriage is the next logical step, choosing the perfect partner is an important decision in life. Before you head out tobuy a diamond engagement ring, get your priorities sorted. When you are all set to take the big step, sealing it with an exquisite diamond ring is the best decision you will make for your special partner. Here are some tips to make your marriage proposal a sparkling deal and lock your love for an eternity:

Test Drive Before The Final Show

Before you pull out a ring to propose to your beloved, make sure that they are all in for the next big step. You do not want to be rejected or left hurt by surprising them with a ring. Discuss your future plans with them before moving forward. Make sure you know whether she is ready for marriage, and then go all out with a display of your emotions. Once you know they are definitely marriage material, get the perfect diamond engagement ring for her.

Know Her Style and Taste

The concept of sealing the deal with a diamond ring has been around for decades. Women are very picky when it comes to their engagement ring, since it's a long-term commitment. You do not want to buy something that she won’t like, although she might not oppose it. It is always a good idea to buy her a ring she loves and not what you want her to wear. You can either choose to include her loved ones when you buy a diamond engagement ring for your partner, or discuss it with your partner.

You can browse through our collection, to find some exquisite picks that will help you seal the deal. From the cut to the purity, there are several important aspects that customers need to consider when picking a ring for their partner. Finalize at least 2 rings, so if she intends to switch the design, the selection process will be easy. Make sure to get the ring size and colour right. Since you are aware about your partner's style and taste, effectively use that knowledge to help you with your choice.

Do Your Homework Before Buying

You cannot randomly pick any design, so make an informed decision before investing in a diamond ring. It's best to research the different types and styles of diamonds, before you decide to buy one for your love. Most importantly, find a jeweller you can trust and quality that is unmatchable. Since there are so many brands out there, choosing a reliable brand becomes extremely crucial. There are several frauds that are selling low quality or even fake diamond jewellery in the online market today. Make sure to thoroughly check the design and the carat of the diamond before you purchase it online. Inquire if there are going to be any additional costs on the piece and what these additional expenses are. Make sure to get the certificate of purity of the diamond while making a purchase, it is the proof of the quality of the jewellery.

Add a Creative Spin 

It is important that you find something unique to present a diamond ring to your loved one. Most of the time, it gets boring or obvious when you choose the same old style of proposals. Your partner is a special person, so make the proposal an equally grand and special gesture. Surprise her so that she never forgets this day in her life. No one can forget a spectacular proposal, so add a touch of uniqueness to it. It is your only chance to shine, so make sure to buy a fantastic diamond engagement ring that seals the deal and creates a lasting beautiful memory.

The Location Matters

If you have known her for years, you will know about the places you visited years ago, maybe a restaurant or the university you studied together. You can even choose a quiet park or a beach near you to make a grand gesture. Whatever you decide, make sure it is done creatively, so that it leaves a strong impression on her head for years to come. You can select places where you and your partner made some of the best memories and decorate it in a beautiful and creative manner. Make the most of the space and relive the memories you created at that location.

Is it a secret or should friends and family be included?

Decide if you want people around when you are celebrating the biggest moment in your life. Do you want the day to be a private affair, or do you want to make a grand gesture in front of your friends and family. Both the ways are great, depending on your priorities and comfort level. If you want to get a little romantic or cosy, you should keep it to yourselves and then surprise the near and dear ones. If you are planning on calling people, then you need to inform them about your plan beforehand to avoid any blunders.

There is no set guide on how a person should propose to their significant other, it's just a matter of finding what is comfortable and appealing to the couple. These tips can help ease your nervousness and nail your proposal without any hitches. Choosing the right diamond engagement ring is extremely important, since the entire proposal revolves around it. Diamonds are known to be a girl’s best friend,when in doubt, opt for a diamond because it's the classic choice. There is no special day to give your love a diamond, whether it is in the form of a neck piece, a ring or a bracelet. Sometimes, you just have to remind her how strong and gorgeous she is and how she deserves only the best in life

For all the single ladies out there, you don't necessarily need a partner to buy a diamond ring. Browser through our exquisite collection of diamond rings and gift yourself a sparking rock! 


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