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Perk up your everyday look with elegant gemstone jewellery

Date: 2020-11-19

Every woman goes gaga over gemstones just at the drop of a hat!

That’s so obvious.

If you feel the same, then this article is just for women out there impressed by the sparkle or the glamour of these precious stones.

Gemstones: A sparkle of beauty

Gemstone jewellery is the most beautiful, subtle and versatile thing you can add to your closet. It gives you a classy and funky personality. The best thing about gemstone jewellery is that it comes with plenty of colours, making you look beautiful and intriguing throughout the party.

If you’ve already decided to add on a few key gemstone jewellery pieces or plan to go all gemstone this year, then we have scouted a few fantastic ways to up your fashion game.

1. Choose a classic piece and make it your go-to piece

The right piece of jewellery can help in building a personalised look. Such precious gems keep things exciting and fresh while you pair it with the right piece of jewellery to accomplish your entire look.

Select a classic piece of the gemstone jewellery you like – a pendant, bracelet, or ring and club it with any outfit and keep your personal flair shining throughout the party. Don’t hesitate to opt for a bold colour if that’s your style.

Even if you’re wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans or a cocktail dress, style it up with a statement piece. The jewellery will go with everything.

Pair it with delicate drop necklaces or stack it with some plain metal pieces or wear it on its own for a simple touch. A perfect piece like a simple ring can make you look gorgeous.

This is what makes gemstones a perfect piece!

2. Go for delicate pieces for an elegant look

A delicate gemstone can help you steal the spotlight. A touch of colour and sparkle in the right places will bring a new level of refinement to your outfit. Gemstone jewellery can add effortless elegance to your look.

For a business outfit, combine it with a small pendant necklace to enhance your professional look without overpowering. Even simple-looking drop earrings can make you look a little more formal.

Meanwhile, for the dinner party complete the look with gemstone bracelet will add a subtle pop of colour and shine.

Timeless gemstone jewellery is mandatory for important business meetings, weddings, dinner nights, and brunch dates. It’s super versatile and adds elegance to your outfit.

Adding a punch of delicate jewellery to your wardrobe is a real cherry on the top.

3.Bold, chunky gemstone jewellery for basic outfits

This will take your outfit from just ‘an okay’ to ‘a jaw-dropping’ look. It’s super easy! Add a big piece of statement jewellery with bold colours and fun designs to maintain your class and elegance.

Are you thinking about what to pair your white tee and blue jeans with?

Club it with a chunky gemstone necklace and matching earrings for a  chic look.

Bold gemstone jewellery is hard to beat, especially when you need an extra boost of confidence in your job interview. Don’t forget to put on your favourite bright shade of lipstick to outshine all the problems that will come your way.

Such chunky statement pieces can be paired with almost anything. All you need to do is to get your hands on the right gem pieces.

4.Want a vintage look?

Use traditional pieces to amp up your style.

If you’re longing for a vintage look, then club your outfit with gemstone pieces. Doesn’t make sense?

How about trying it for yourself?

To get the old school look, get yourself a piece of vintage-inspired jewellery with a slightly modern twist for a million-dollar look.

Large oval or square rings along with colourful cluster earrings can make you look like child fashion of the 60s. For a theme party, bracelets and earrings can be a great way to accessorise your roaring 20s ensemble while a simple diamond ring while the right ring can give you the perfect 40s look.

It’s crucial to have vintage-style pieces to bring a finishing touch to a classically beautiful or a simple modern outfit.

5.Play with colours to create a theme

The ‘fusion’ trend is up all around you. In this ever-changing fashion cycle, everyone seems to be gung-ho on fusion designs that are worn whichever way it suits you. Fashionistas love giving a twist to their normal outlook by bringing in a traditional and western outlook at the same time.

Although ethnic wear has retained the traditional lehengas and saris, the design concept has evolved so much in the last couple of years. You will experience that people love wearing chic, contemporary designs, even on traditional occasions. Your fusion styled sangeet or a cocktail gown with a subtle diamond bracelet are in vogue.

Today, traditional jewellers have made way for stunning fluid designs that are no longer restricted to Indian or western wear.

Indo-Western outfits with a tinge of subtle-looking diamond jewellery can bring in a traditional and western outlook at the same time. These astounding outfits, when imbibed with the most exceptional and trendy jewellery, can turn a lot of heads.

6. Pair it with pearls

Pearls are considered to be the ‘crux’ in all jewellery boxes. Pairing them with gemstone jewellery can give you a fabulous springy look. Pearls and gemstones together will make you look lighter and fresher as the vibrant colours of gemstones and pearls look impressive in its austere simplicity.

A pearl drop necklace and a long gemstone pendant necklace will always compliment your all-time favourite sundress. Dress up your office outfit with a pearl bracelet stacked with some gemstone bangles in between for an excellent choice.

The moral of the story is that: Both pearls and gemstone jewellery are essentials to the well-stocked jewellery box.

7.Get one with a personality to fascinate your look

We all love the feeling when people appreciate our clothes or jewellery style. With the right piece of gemstone jewellery, you can impress people.

Jewellery is meant to enhance your personality, and your personality depends on the pieces you wear. Choose something that has a little more personality like funky shapes, exquisite designs, eye-catchy colours, interesting settings and likewise.

This is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Such pieces will boost your confidence and make you look fabulous.

For a toned outfit, try a bolder piece to find yourself smile and appreciate your elegant looks. Show off with chunky rings or bracelets for a bold look. Intensify your look with a pretty necklace and put your fabulous personality on display.

Gemstone jewellery adds feminine, calmness, and spark to your personality due to their gorgeous hues and imperfections. They are a real allure when paired with the perfect outfit. Let us give you an insight into what will make you feel like the prettiest girl on the dance floor.

Remember this: Gemstone and diamond jewellery will never go out of style or business. They will always remain timeless.

Let us give an insight into the latest trend:

1. Contemporary jewellery is in vogue:

When styled with western or Indian outfits, gemstones are highly appreciable. A stunning piece of gemstone jewellery with delicate designs will surely take your breath away. When coupled with an enchanting indo-western outfit, it makes a perfect pair.

2. Gemstones enhance your elegance:

Gemstones with minimal designs are an ideal styling affair. Yes! You can pair your evening gown with chic earrings, trendy hoops, classic drop earrings and stunning multi-stone chandelier earrings.

3.Get a red-carpet look:

Every red-carpet-worthy gown needs the right jewellery. Your black or navy blue gown will go well with blue dangler earrings. While your floral off-shoulder dress desperately needs a fantastic pair of hoops, a timeless bracelet and a dazzling diamond necklace.

Gemstone jewellery is an ultimate rescue no matter what the occasion. A range of gemstone jewellery is incredibly easy on the pocket, and accessible for varied occasions life throws at you. Turn to their dazzle and spruce up your repertoire daily.

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