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Online vs In-Store: What’s the Best Choice to Buy your First-ever Diamond Ring?

Date: 2021-02-05

Online vs In-Store: What’s the Best Choice to Buy your First-ever Diamond Ring?

Are you baffled about where you can find an elegant diamond ring to gift your loved one?

We understand that buying diamond jewellery online or in-store can be nerve-wracking, as you have to shop the perfect engagement ring and even muster the courage to propose.

Speaking about picking the perfect diamond ring, we all are amateurs and have no idea about the 4Cs of diamonds.

Luckily, there are several options available when it comes to shopping for diamond rings from an online store to brick-and-mortar retailers. At the same time, it's confusing to choose the right medium to buy your first-ever engagement ring.

Do not fret about it! We've done the leg work for you and have presented the pros and cons of buying your engagement ring online and in-store.

Disclaimer: It should be remembered that diamonds are an investment. Thus, you need to act wisely and do your own research in advance before buying from both online and in-store.

Move down to a detailed guide on how to find the best place to buy your engagement ring – because nothing can go wrong on your special day!

In-store vs Online Jewellery Shopping: Which one’s best for you?

In-Store Jewellery Shopping

Of course, there’s no substitute for knowing the texture of the diamond in-person.


1) The feeling of buying a diamond in-store is exciting and intimating.

We all feel a rush that comes when you get to wander in a store full of sparkling pieces of jewellery. The best thing is that you can handle the merchandise and directly discuss essential things like an engagement ring, size, preferred shape, cut, carat, colour, etc.

If you’re alone, then you can even ask for consultation or plead one of the female staff to try it on for you. Asking for expert advice will help you to know trending designs, styles, including a brief explanation on the colour, carat, cut and clarity of your diamond ring.

2) You have an excellent collection to choose from

Big retail jewellery shops give you a smorgasbord of quality extravagant and modern engagement rings. They even merchandise diamond jewellery from different designers, giving you a variety of options in your price range.

Even online retailers provide you with a collection of diamond rings online.

3) Retailers offer long-term financing options

If your engagement ring is worth more than your 1-month rent, then it’s best to opt for financing options.

Retail stores offer financing for customers with good credit. A layaway option also works wherein you buy the ring long before and take it home when you pay the full amount. These are some financing options given by retailers.

4) Easy upgrade options

You purchased a simple engagement ring and wish to gift an expensive one on your 10th anniversary; you can do it!

Several in-store companies have a smooth upgrade and buy-back policies that help you in trading it for something better.

This helps you to give your S.O (significant one) her dream ring after returning the earlier one.

5) You tend to build great relationships


Good relationships go a long way. You get to speak to your jeweller in-person and ask relevant questions as you look for different diamond rings. They help you in gaining insights into what would look great. You can also rely on them for cleaning, resizing or prong tightening your rings.

Shopping in-store has their own perks and gives you the instant gratification of bringing home your jewellery the same day.


1) Your diamond jewellery can be costlier in-store than online

These retailers have high overhead costs, so the prices are 30%-50% higher than you would find online or from a wholesaler.

2) Retailers focus more on selling rather than education customers

There’s a huge lot of difference between a diamond salesperson and diamond expert. These days, the primary goal of retailers is to sell their products rather than educating them.

Some of them aren’t as well-informed as you’d expect and can mislead you both intentionally and unintentionally.

3) There’s a huge problem of ‘overhead’

Huge retailers hire many employees which means more inventory, rent, electricity, wages, etc. that can lead to bankruptcy. If their store is bought-in at a high price, then there are chances they might not have marked their inventory to market.

Fall in diamond prices can hit retailers badly.

4) There’s no guarantee that the diamond jewellery is the right one for your wife

Even though the store has a good reputation, what if you don’t like a single piece of jewellery. It’s like going to glitzy brands like Prada and trying on some unique pieces, but nothing suits you or your taste.

How about buying your diamond jewellery online ? Understand the nuances of online jewellery shopping.

Online Jewellery Shopping: 

Online jewellery stores are known to be the best place because of their convenience, flexibility and affordability.


1) Online jewellery shopping allows you to buy or even move out empty-handed&

No pushy salesperson is clinging onto you wherever you go. Like this, your diamond ring online shopping can be irritating sometimes!

Browse your desired online store at your heart's content without anyone judging your choice or pushing you to purchase by giving you illogical reasons. Shop online anywhere at any time of the day.

You don't have to come across a heavy sales pitch from a staff member who's trying hard to meet his daily target.

2) Online jewellery shopping facilitates you to compare before shopping

It's easy to compare diamonds from different merchants and shop the best one for your 'Miss Special'. You can even ask your jeweller to create custom jewellery of your choice.

3) Online store = Huge Savings

Online retailers don't have to pay for an actual storefront; thus, they can offer lower prices and still make profits.

Online businesses don't have as much in the way of overhead, and their cost of doing business is less compared to retail stores. Online jewellers have an affordable pricing structure and pass those savings to their customers. You can benefit a lot from promotional sales and offers, especially during special days like Valentine's Day or festive seasons like Diwali.

4) Online jewellery shopping is a comfort

Today, you've everything at the tip of your finger. Mostly all online retailers offer several unavoidable perks like lifetime warranties, free shipping, 15-day easy returns, lifetime product exchange, lifetime buyback, easy EMI options, etc.

They make sure you get certified diamonds at your doorstep.

Customer testimonials and reviews act as a barometer of quality.

Disclaimer: At, you only get IGI (International Gemological Institute), and GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certified natural diamonds and BIS Hallmark Gold.

5) Get a much larger selection of diamonds

Yes, you heard it, right!

Online stores don't have a limited shelf space that means they can fill their store with a much more extensive selection of diamonds and other gemstones. Here, you can get unique and extravagant pieces of jewellery at a lower price.

We offer you more than 3000 design options that will make you fall in love with them.

6) Online jewellery shopping will give a fantastic experience than a crowded in-store

During festive seasons, retail stores can be super congested and can steal your experience. It's not the same with online jewellery shopping; you can still enjoy browsing throughout the day. You all can avail more offers and savings than a physical store.


1) In online jewellery shopping you may get cheated

This may hold true if you don't choose a reputed brand like We were established by second-generation diamantaires in 2015, providing customers' out of the ordinary jewellery' that honours our traditional values along with modern trends to make every single day special for the wearer.

You need to make the right decision here.

2) You're at the mercy of the information provided by online retailers

It's a huge disadvantage. They may toss you around rosy terms like 'sparkling diamonds' even though they might not be sparkling in real. To avoid this, make sure you do your research and choose a website that educates you. 

To make your online shopping experience more enjoyable, we would like to share some tips for buying fine jewellery.

4 Tips for a Delightful Online Jewellery Shopping:

Whether you're looking for a minimalist or a high-setting engagement ring, make sure you look for some of the tips.

  • Choose a reliable and trustworthy online store
  • Don't hesitate to ask questions on chat, email or phone
  • Take your own sweet time to shop, compare, research and decide the ring you're looking for.
  • Go through their return policy before purchasing anything

Even though in-store diamond jewellery gives you an amazing appeal and great choice, nothing can beat buying your engagement band and rings from the comfort of your bedroom without any sales pressure and at a fraction of the price.

Are you ready to buy diamond jewellery online? is the best place for diamond engagement rings. We offer you certified gems that are best in quality and prices. We strive hard to provide you with best-in-class customer service during your online shopping experience.

Are you feeling ready? Get inspired by some of our favourite diamond engagement rings right here!


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