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Ready to be a bridesmaid? Check out the styling tips to make your bridesmaid stand out!

Date: 2020-11-19

Weddings are an essential day for not only two partners, families but also for relatives and friends who are part of the ceremony. Weddings are also whirlwinds in terms of all the planning that goes with it. Adding on to which getting ready for a wedding is no easy feat.

A bride is anxious for her big day, and who handles her is her bride’s maid.

Everyone is concerned about the styling of the bride on her special day. But who stands through thick and thin with the bride? It is her bridesmaid! So, isn’t it necessary that her bridesmaid should also look gorgeous? You can purchase in store or order online jewellery, outfit, hairstyle and makeup. In this blog, you shall learn tips for the bridesmaid as it is an exciting and emotional day for her as well.

Is your best friend getting married? Are you worried about how to dress and look stunning standing beside the bride?

Well, bridesmaids should stop stressing about what they’ll wear on the wedding day. No one wants to put something that is not comfortable and wants to shell out on a gown they’ll never use again, either. Fortunately, over time outfit etiquette has changed a lot. Women are dressing up more differently than the bridesmaid gowns. Reading this blog, you’ll find top contemporary tips for outfitting your nearest and dearest friends.

As a bridesmaid, you would be bestowed with the added responsibility of helping and supporting the bride at all times. One of your bridal responsibilities is ensuring you look the part. Afterall, you will be the one standing beside the bride and encouraging her throughout the process. You should look fresh! Despite that, you don’t want to overshadow the bride either.

It is all about embracing individuality.

Before you start worrying, ransacking through your wardrobe or committing to a shopping spree, read through this guide. has an exquisite collection of ornaments. You can shop online jewellery from the group that complements your bridesmaid outfit.

1.Order your dress ASAP

It can be painful to get your last-minute fitting done from the tailor who already has a bunch of work with him. Ordering at the last minute shall stress out our bride and trust me; she already has a lot. So, make her life a little easier and ensure that you aren’t the bridesmaid whom the bride has to message or call different times to check the status of your dress code.

2.Set aside more of the cash than you think you shall spend

You would not like to run out of money at your best friend’s wedding. It is advisable always to set aside a little more money than you think you will need. It is better to be safe than sorry!

3.Be humble and smile

There will be times when you might have to select an outfit for the bride; she can need your help for the second opinion. Well, it’s a special day for her, so just cooperate with her. Even if you feel it isn’t your style yet, just gulp in and advise her to select pretty outfits.

4.Avoid your highest heels

You shall be standing all day with the bride or running here and there to manage arrangements. So, it is recommended to wear comfortable sandals with a low heel.

5.Take a cleanser for your jewellery

We want our jewellery to sparkle well all through the day. Carrying a jewellery cleanser shall brighten up your accessory, making it look fresh all the long. has come with some ideas to style yourself as a bridesmaid on the big day with our online jewellery. Check out our styling tips below:

Styling Tips!

1.Never overshadow the bride

It is a complete ‘No-no’ to look prettier than the bride. You would not like to sway away from the attention which gets on her day. Ultimately, it’s her time to shine. If the bride is wearing elegant pearl jewellery, then you can complement by wearing some delicate pearl accessories. If you are confused about what to choose, here is a pearl collection for you! 

2.Use Similar Colours

Bridal parties usually dress in similar shades of the bride’s choosing. Use the colour of the dress to figure out what accessory to wear as a bridesmaid. A blush dress looks stunning with rose gold jewellery. An emerald green dress makes the right choice for gold jewellery, and if you have a blue outfit then opt for silver jewellery, you can visit to purchase online jewellery.

3.Work with your outfit’s neckline

Here are a few ways through which you can style yourself to perfectly pair a necklace with your outfit’s neckline:

  • Strapless neckline: If you choose some simple bridesmaid jewellery, then opt for a classy choker necklace. Another style you can use is doubling up a long single-stranded chain for a layering effect.
  • V neckline: Elegant pendant necklaces look good with V neck outfits. A pure diamond-studded pendant necklace adds a lovely touch to the outfit without getting distracted. Check out on our blog before selecting the right diamond matching with your outfit and order online jewellery now.
  • One-shoulder neckline: One shoulder outfits give an amusing appeal from the standard neckline. Opting for studs with a prominent bracelet or cuff can give an extravagant look to your outfit.
  • Halter neckline: In halter necklines, you shouldn’t wear a necklace. We advise pairing your halter neck dress with a pair of jhumkis, drop earrings and a bracelet.

4.Follow a theme:

Opting to follow an idea will make your jewellery selection much more manageable.

  • Follow a gemstone theme: You could also pick a gemstone and use the tone as inspiration for whichever piece of jewellery you decide to wear. A gemstone set shall give your outfit a colour blocking effect.
  • You can also try a theme like geometrics or nature-inspired patterns. Play around with metal colours and finishes. This way, each bridesmaid can create a personalised look for herself while still maintaining a cohesive, uniform look and theme.

5.Choosing a hair and makeup style:

With suitable outfits and accessories, we also need pretty hairstyles and makeup to highlight our presence.

  • Weather plays a significant role: If it is a hot summer day, then tying your hair in a stylish bun would be preferable than letting them down on your shoulders. On the other hand, a beach wedding would attract more natural makeup and hairstyle.
  • Consider colour theme, flowers and hairstyles as your hair and makeup should go with it. Lip shade can often be matched perfectly with signature bouquet blooms and statement earrings or an ornate headpiece can take centre stage with a thoughtfully planned hairstyle.
  • A light and fresh look for the morning ceremony while slightly more cumbersome, especially eye makeup for an evening ceremony.
  • You can save reference images from Pinterest for hair and makeup styling.

And the countdown begins...

It is imperative to keep your skin hydrated with a balanced diet. Good quality exfoliator and moisturiser keeps your skin glowing and healthy. Keep your hair nourished with deep conditioning treatments; you will achieve the best results!

5 Days Before

Get a haircut, hair colour, facial and waxing completed at least five days before the occasion. So that everything gets settled.

2-3 Days Before

Keep yourself protected from sunlight, so that there are no tan lines from sunburn. Get your outfits, hairstyle, makeup and jewellery sorted to avoid last moment confusion.

The Night Before

Everyone in the bridal party should also have their hair washed and dried the night naturally before unless the hairdresser has advised otherwise.

The Morning Of

Before the hair and makeup artists arrive, follow a healthy skincare regime. Have your breakfast and get your teeth brushed before makeup application begins. A night of beauty sleep is required not only for the bride but for the bridesmaid as well to get a relaxed morning. Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated!

Now, our bridesmaids are ready for the big day and glowing inside and out!

As a bridesmaid, it is your responsibility to plan the wedding in your way. Whether it is your best friend, sister or colleague, ensure to have most of the fun and make it more meaningful. With our suggestions, you will feel inspired. Head over to for all your jewellery shopping.

Reach out to us for an elegant range of modern, unique and trendy jewellery for your casual and traditional occasions. We design fashionable and stylish jewellery. Visit us today to order your online jewellery and look gracefully like ever!


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