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Top Wedding Jewellery Trends to make a Different Style Statement

Date: 2021-04-30

Though the Indian wedding season is marked from December to February, there is no denying the fact that every month can be a wedding month. With brides breaking the glass ceiling of the traditional wedding shenanigans, it is time to set the course straight with minimalism. Whether gearing up for a winter wonderland or a summer solasta or even quintessential monsoon madness, a wedding trousseau is mandatory.

The unprecedented pandemic has remodeled what we considered as fashionable. With small weddings and even virtual ones, traditional trendsetters are efficiently out of the window. Brides are effectively coming up with styles that are sober, elegant, and equally show-stopping.

So, if you are a to-be bride, you are in luck. We have curated a list of fashionable jewellery trends that are exponentially hitting the charts. Let's dive into the trendy ocean of style that shall keep the fashion police at bay.


Cocktail Rings

With minimalism as the new fashion mantra, a diamond Cocktail Ring is perfect for parading your wedding attire. These types of rings were initially started as a party makeover fix but now have seeped their way towards becoming a bridal look necessity. Such rings are also becoming beloved as they are certainly eye-catching. Just one cocktail ring in your freshly done henna hands can give you boosting stares of self-confidence. Indian brides adore cocktail rings because they add subtle bling and glamour to the bridal outfit in a minimalistic yet striking way.

Style the eye-catching cocktail ring with an elegant lehenga or flaunt with your striking saree. Nevertheless, you are sure to stay a hot topic for times to come.


Chandelier and Jhumkas

Wishing to become a boss-lady bride but still craving for a traditional zing? A diamond jhumka may be the right answer for you. These contemporary pieces of jewellery have come a long way to become a timeless classic. A simple pair of jhumkas can add a transitioning moment to your overall bridal attire. And, they are worthy enough to pass down as heirlooms.

Modern brides have gone rogue and the best way to compliment their styles in a traditional yet global look is opting for chandelier style jhumkas. Their traditional design complements the bridal repertoire, elegantly adding a royal touch. Remember, the bigger the jhumka bigger the extravagance, and the bigger the style statement.


Intimate weddings call for delicate and easy-to-carry bridal wear. Heavily decorated hands with a zillion bangles are a no-go and frankly- really tiring. The millennial brides are now looking for something that is elegant yet strikingly out of the world. And our best bet is on an eloquent bridal bracelets.

Sport a striking diamond bracelet on your wrist and watch how it perfectly fits your dazzling attire. Bridal styles are coming alive with minimalistic palettes. Blissfully, bracelets are one such ornament that is getting immense popularity. One dazzling bracelet combined with a traditional lehenga brews a perfect recipe for a fashion miracle. Their easy-to-carry nature and complimenting every outfit is a solid reason why bridal bracelets a bride's apple of the eye.




Since ancient ages, managlsutra has been a prominent ornament for a married woman in India. The new era of fashion is all about beauty and simplicity. Women are definitely looking for something that is elegant but still makes a lasting impact on the wearer as well as the viewer. Mangalsutras have not escaped the fashion makeover. The heavy traditional ones are outdated and the talk of the show is light, simple, and diamond-studded. For the modern women whose sense of style is versatile, tiny managalsutra are best for beautifying your décolletage.


These were the top wedding jewellery trends dominating 2021. But at the end of the day, it is your special epoch. It is your wedding day and what matters is YOU! Switch up to the style that works best for you. Flaunt your instincts and go with jewellery that compliments who you are.

So ladies shop till you drop and continue finding that wedding trousseau that makes you want to say, I DO.

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