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Date: 2020-11-12

Bracelets have their own charm, don’t they?

No matter how many earrings or pendants or rings you buy on your online jewellery shopping spree, would they ever amount to the simple charm of a bracelet?

Hmm, didn’t think so.

But then again, every piece of jewellery has something about it that just pulls women towards it. Solitaires, gemstones and even plain old gold make their way into our hearts!

As long as there are pretty designs on it, you can’t stop yourself from buying it. That’s the bitter truth about life. Or maybe it’s the sweet tooth!

Now, you might love your bracelets a lot, but it might have been tough to style them, every now and again

You deserve to look fabulous no matter where and at what time. Guaranteed you’ll feel confident and beautiful if you decide to wear things you love.

You might think wearing bracelets on both hands sounds weird, or maybe you’ve always wanted to try it, but never had the courage.

Either way, in front of you, is the solution!


For an easy breezy occasion, try to pick out a bracelet that builds upon the look rather than tearing it down.

If you’re planning on doing some online jewellery shopping, then you might want to pick out the most delicate piece there is.

Also, if your outfit looks and feels heavy, that’s another reason to avoid wearing anything heavy on your arm, nonetheless both wrists.

Your jewellery should speak volumes but doesn’t mean it should be loud.

There’s a saying “less is more” which in jewellery terms can be roughly translated to keeping things simple while also making an impact!

That and feeling good should be the ultimate aim.

Wear a Watch

Do you feel like you’ve put on too many bracelets, although that’s not a real thing?

You can just add a watch to the collection that hangs on your wrist and breaks up the monotony of bracelet after bracelet.

It’ll give you a super casual and fun look.

You could even pull off this look with the formals you wear to work everyday and elevate your appearance.

But you want to make sure that the watch actually matches with the other jewellery you’re wearing and even the bracelets. If not, you might leave a lasting impression in the book of disasters.

Watches generally suit the most with formal attire, but you could mix and match it with whatever you want.

Mix it Up

A mixing and matching game would be a great way for you to figure out what works the best for you.

Considering the fact that there are numerous styles that you will find on your online jewellery shopping journey, you’d have options that might confuse you.

But this is the perfect opportunity to add a little mix to your style and buy bracelets that complement each other, and of course, your taste.

Your wrists won’t look like a mess as long as you know which styles to put together and which patterns and sizes to avoid.

One more thing you want to keep in mind is to make sure that your bracelets match with the outfit you’re wearing.

A mix-up there might throw it all off.

Create Harmony

One of the best ways to create a blissful harmony would be by adding a splash of colour to your outfit of the day.

If are already wearing something that’s oozing out the colour, you could increase its effect by wearing a bracelet that has the slightest amount of colour to it.

This will intensify your look by a million and leave everyone speechless.

You could wear something contrasting as well since such colours are as capable of looking good as much as complementing shades.

Say you’re wearing a green dress, with that you could pair a bracelet that holds a green gemstone (real or fake, who cares?)

The green and red combination is evergreen and so are many such combinations.

Or Don’t

Okay, you are not required to match everything.

There’s no fashion police that’ll run after you if you decide to take a different path.

If you’re not already done with your online jewellery shopping, then you could buy a couple of completely off-beat pieces that show off who you are, and not what you wear.

If things match, it's great, if they don’t then let it be. You don’t want your bracelets to seem like they’re forced to match or unmatch.

While the idea has a high success rate, it also has an average risk rate.

The idea behind being offbeat is to look classy, which you will as long as you are focused.

Focus on what suits the most with what may it be the outfit or other pieces of jewellery.

Stack ‘em Up

If you are the kind that loves the attention at parties, get-togethers or even on a regular basis, this one is for you.

On the other hand, if you’re the kind that is the once in a while attention seeker, don’t be afraid to put on pieces that will grab everyone’s eye the second you walk in the doors.

Just because the jewellery is intense, it doesn’t mean it’s too much.

Statement pieces are often termed gaudy, but that doesn’t always add up, right?

You could wear multiple bracelets and add a statement piece at the end, making everything about your look lovely.

Leave others Behind

This is a statement that might sound contradicting to the last point you read. That is because it is.

For an occasion or an outfit that doesn’t call for being gaudy, you should think about wearing just your bracelets with delicate necklaces or earrings.

This kind of subtle yet enchanting look will make you feel like you’ve conquered the world with just a little bit of effort. The effort is finding the perfect piece while doing your regular online jewellery shopping, isn’t that correct?

In a little more effort you’re going to have to take out time to figure out the style you’re rooting for today, the style you’re going to wear to work, a party or a meet-up.

Delicate ears and heavy wrists are okay for most occasions.

Say No to Mixing Metals

While there might be people who love mixing up different kinds of metals in their bracelets, it is advisable to not do so.

The reason being, it might look like you’re trying too hard.

While platinum and white gold or silver might work together, pairing them up with rose gold or copper might look off.

Similar shades tend to work in harmony.

There might be times when you feel like you want to opt for the messy look, then sure, you can work things out!

The messy look will also work if you carry it with enough confidence, haven’t you seen all the big fashion shows?

Pull the Focus

Since you’re going to have way too much going on on your wrists, you might want to pick a piece that stands out from the bunch.

This bracelet is going to be the focal point of your wrists.

Say you wear a heavy looking bracelet with a bunch of thin and slim fitting ones you bought when you were shopping for jewellery online.

You could also use varied colours to show off the pretty jewels you’ve invested in.

Once you have people’s attention on your jewellery, it won’t be tough to attract them towards you.

That’s a lot of advice, isn’t it?

It was essential. The change you’re going to see in yourself when you sit to pick out the best pieces for any random day is going to be tremendous.

Everything about you should sparkle just how your personality shines through your eyes!

There’s one more thing you can do if you want to feel like a queen.

Well, more of a queen than you already are!

Take your online jewellery shopping urge to the next level and gift yourself some jewellery in celebration of literally anything you want.

You have way too many options to explore and you know it’s going to be time-consuming.

Even if you don’t have an occasion or a reason to celebrate, be happy about the fact that you’re alive.

This will cheer you up, and you can get back to planning your outfit with the stack of bracelets that will soon adorn your wrists.

Also, it’s just a way of taking care of yourself. You need these therapy sessions from time to time to maintain your sanity, right?

Hope you look effortlessly beautiful! has a breathtaking collection of jewellery that is ideal for every occasion. Starting from trendy to traditional, you’ll be able to find the piece you love with all your heart! We provide certified diamonds so you’re left with nothing to worry about. Check out the website to find out more.


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